Chalk Mark Custom Clothing

Blue & Tan Plaid Linen/Wool/Silk MTM Jacket

This reliably weighted cloth is a perfect match for Spring and Summer. It is very versatile. We recommend pairing this jacket with tan, grey, or navy trousers. It can also be worn casually with denim.


    Our Semi-Bespoke jackets are the top of the line jacketing you can purchase through our page.

    Upon receiving your measurements, we will make you a "fitting" jacket (at no cost to you). This jacket is a completed navy blazer from our house cloth that you can keep! Because we are not the ones measuring you, we want to make sure that the pattern is done correctly before cutting and making the cloth you picked into your unique jacket.

    Every one of these jackets include our full-canvas construction and the following details (unless you specify otherwise):

    • Our signature padless shoulder (customer favorite)
    • Full-Canvas jacket construction
    • Sleeves attached by hand
    • Pick stitching
    • Our guarantee of a perfect fit