Bamboo: The Summer Cashmere

We are beyond excited to introduce out new colletion of Bamboo Jackets! These stunning jackets are perfect for the summertime. Wear it during the day with a neck tie, then take the tie off and wear it out that evening with a pair of jeans.

It is extremely versatile and looks fantastic in our "Milan" style: Half lined, with no shoulder pads. We suggest going as light as possible for your summer jackets.

These jackets are normally $995, but we have the 4 below on promotion for $895. Save $100 by ordering direct through our website, or send Greg a text at 801-391-5622 to book an appointment.

Enjoy this description of this beautiful cloth from our supplier, Gladson LTD:

"Since its introduction as an innovative jacketing quality a few short years ago, 
Bamboo from Italy has gained wide acceptance in the men’s custom market. Consumers are impressed with its luxurious hand, subtle luster and its performance and tailorability. That’s why Gladson is proud to have been awarded the exclusive distribution for the market of this unique, Made in Italy, pure Bamboo fabric." 

"To celebrate this honor, we are premiering an entire collection devoted solely to Bamboo. Designed exclusively by Gladson’s own design staff, it consists of a range of quite definite and distinctive patterns, often with colorful accent or deco colors. 
The ground colors, many of which were unattainable until now, are the
real highlight ... hot blue, burnt orange, jade green, aqua, burgundy are just some of the fashion colors featured here. Not to mention a quintessential blazer quartet of white, mid-blue, navy and black that are sure to please a more traditional taste. "

"Join us to celebrate Bamboo, now starring in its very own collection."

In the video below, Justin from Gladson Ltd. describes this collection of cloth in greater detail.

Add a bamboo jacket to your collection today and make your summer closet pop!

Please click on each picture to see each item closer!